What is Twelve Tribes

Twelve Tribes is consciousness. It is a map within itself, commonly known to us via the language of astrology. But certainly it is a map within a map, ie the kabbalah, and this is not to draw reference to any religious alignment. This is about spirituality and the mechanics of that. The mechanics of getting back to the Bliss state. The Utopia.

Who Am I? Where am I? Where am I going, and how do I get there?

For each of us who enhales the Good Earth’s air, this is a life journey and a life quest. Twisting and turning through the pages of our life, no one will be spared the triumphs and the sheer agonies of the mortal realm. For some, they know they are on the journey and acquire tools to assist them. Others are entering all the time, and it is always a confronting experience because it is the recognition that everything we thought was so, is an illusion. There is often an overwhelming sense of both power, and powerlessness.

And then there are others, who in this life time will know little more than the very tangible aspects of what the 5 senses have to offer. And thus their relationship to a 3rd dimensional reality of matter deepens and entrenches them. What I see, hear, feel, taste and touch, I know to be real. No other realm exists and no current of connectedness pulses. And life decisions are made accordingly.

We have just seen the mad scramble for matter. Like sand it just slipped through everyone’s fingers as the markets dived and anything of seeming value, dissolved task assignment software.

Twelve Tribes Incense, is used as a spiritual tool on this journey. The use of fragrances span the history pages as an adept tool at raising consciousness. Moses was not instructed to build an alter with incense, for nothing.

We hope you enjoy our freshly hand rolled and sun baked incense. We loving blend, dry and package your fragrances each week to meet demand.

Love and Light

Leith Masters