About Your Sun Sign

Our Sun Sign, also commonly known as our Star Sign, is one of the most public parts of our astrology chart. Thus, why we are interested to know and understand our own, and other peoples Sun Sign. Because Astrology is the oldest body of knowledge on the planet, even if you know nothing about it, in the deepest levels of our ancient memory resonates some tiny grain of familiarity if someone says, ‘I’m a Libra, or a Sagittarius’, or any of the twelve signs.

Our Sun Sign is what we go out into the world and do. So whilst there are many other factors in our charts that contribute to our personality, the Sun Sign hints at some of our most primary motivations. To know someone’s Sun Sign is to give you an added tool in your survival belt as to how this other person may be motivated to behave.

Harnessing the true energy of our Sun Sign, takes many years. Indeed, it is recognised that it is not possible to have mastered it until 35 years and older. This is one and a quarter cycles of Saturn best task manager software. To learn more about Saturn, see it’s blog.

In the meantime, we give it to the people around us to wear for us and thus begins the understanding of ‘Projection’ and why our relationships are so integral to our personal development. See other more in depth blogs about astrology as they continue to appear on this site.

In the interim enjoy the short bursts of description about the primary motivations of each sign. Don’t forget, as these blend with the the other planets, in their signs, in a persons chart, we begin to see the makings of each of our complex personalities.