About Twelve Tribes IncenseOur mission is to lovingly hand roll our incense fragrances with divine intent and supply them fresh to the market place…

Beyond the obviousness of our physical reality, there are subtle realms of existence, intertwined and interdependent with the physical world. This is the basis of any spiritual doctrine: the understanding that your actions effect the greater good or bad of all things. Therefore, we need to take account of our actions.

Taking account of our actions requires Awareness. The journey into Awareness is a life long process; a deepening of the Self. Our relationships with others teach us much about ourselves. Often through the most painful of experiences, we rise triumphant, wiser and more loving of our fragile surroundings.

Awareness means being in touch with your Higher Self. Hence the importance of time out, relaxation, healthy eating, exercise and general nurturing of the Body, Mind and Spirit. Only then can we be in tune with decisions that will benefit us, and those around us.

With the rise in materialism, the excessive availability of credit, and an inequitable system of have’s and have nots, we may have access to a way of life our ancestors would struggle to comprehend. And yet, the old fable of the tortoise and the hare is still relevant, perhaps with more wisdom in this time than ever before. The tortoise knows, “slow and steady” wins the race. There are no short cuts in life. Only through discipline and attention to detail do we each learn of the long process for our lives to bear quality fruit.

Be kind to yourself and look after yourself by honouring the inner journey as well as the outer journey.

Twelve Tribes Incense respects the ancient ritual of using aroma to bring about an altered and deepened state of awareness. Our fragrances are smooth and soft, contributing to a relaxed environment where you may explore the timeless beauty of the spirit within and thus, contribute to making this planet are more harmonious place for all to dwell.


My name is Leith Masters, and I am the co-founder and custodian of the Twelve Tribes Incense range. In 1991, still in my early 20’s, I had already completed University, travelled extensively around the planet and worked in the arts industries, when I met Israel, who at the time, was living in a Combi van on Venice Beach, rolling incense and drying them in the heat of the Combi van. We immediately resonated with each other and would be life partners for the next 4-5 years, having much travel and many mystical experiences together.

From a very early age, I had always loved perfumes and burned incense. I would ask my mother to take me to the weekend markets so that I could replenish my supplies. I found it incredibly soothing and comforting, to have the subtle wafts of fragrance around me.

Israel and I left L.A. together in 1992, following the L.A. riots, when much of the culture and vibe changed. It was time to move on. We travelled to London, Spain, Portgual and Morocco. When the next London winter approached, we headed to the Greek Islands for sunshine and beach living. The incense came too.

We finally arrived back in Australia in late 93, and launched Twelve Tribes in 1994. The immediate positive reception to freshly rolled incense was overwhelming. My life has been largely devoted to the development of the Twelve Tribes Incense range, since that time. It has shown me secrets that are rarely seen or understood. I happily share them on this website, as they should be common knowledge and the plight of our planet would not be as it currently is.

Israel and I separated as partners in December 1995. Israel travelled to the East coast to pursue a music career, having an unprecedented talent for rapping, and to be a father to his two boys. We always maintained connections, doing business with Twelve Tribes, off and on. In 2016, I am happy to say Twelve Tribes is moving forward again, after many years of researching the secrets of this planet’s hierarchical, debt based system of governance and the artificial restrictions it imposes on our lives and the wellbeing of the planet.

Developing, growing and managing a business has been an extraordinary challenge, with many highs and lows. It has been a great teacher in terms of practicing the spiritual faith that it actually preaches. It has filled my life with a diversity of experiences, people and places. And of course it is true to say … if I only knew then what I know now.