Astrological Update – A Quantum Shift

Not to be taken lightly in any way, all outer planet have recently, or are, changing sign. ‘Big deal, what does that mean!?’, you might say.

We can say it is a profound time on the planet, a complete movement forward, so no harking and hoping to return to pre-GFC (global financial crisis) days. The consciousness has, and is, shifting.

We call the outer planets, the generational planets because their orbit is so slow that they may stay in one sign for many years, thus adding a long term flavour to the collective consciousness and how it is played out in the human race and on planet Earth find out here now.

Let us take a look at what is going on. We may ask ‘what blew it all to simmerines?’. Pluto entered Capricorn in Jan 2008. This was after languishing around in Sagittarius for the past 13 years. Among it’s many wonderful traits, Sagittarius is also a sign of excess. It’s very nature is to step beyond what we know. Without this energy, the tribe would become extinct due to a lack of new knowledge. But at it’s worst, it is the tall story teller and the gambler. As Pluto rules collective resources, and drama and crisis, her stay in Sagittarius was like a night at the casino, drinking, bullshitting and gambling everyone else’s resources away.

Pluto’s entry into Capricorn in 2008 put restriction and authority all around that. So whilst Capricorn demands accountability, of which none could be found; to ensure long term, predictable results, Pluto loves to clean house and simply tore through the games. Unfortunately the result is what we now know to be the GFC and the unveiling of an endless array of misuse of resources, laziness on the part of authority to appropriately watchdog, and blatant hoodwinking by those who knew they were intending to deceive. The American federal reserve had not been independently audited for 90 years. This made many people look like fools.

Whilst the history of how we got to this place extends into the hundreds, if not thousands of years, the current planetary shifts are worth noting since the conversations about a better planet and the ‘end of days’ are endless.

To clarify; whilst many people stress on the term ‘the end of days’ and Armageddon, it should be noted that this is occurring on a daily basis for many millions of people around the world. Yesterday it was a boat load of refugees smashed upon the rocks at Christmas Island as they desperately tried to escape inhumane conditions in their own land. So indeed the time is here. We have extremes of weather conditions, as predicted, we have extremes of poverty and starvation as predicted and we have major haulocausts causing great harm to many people and creatures in a single moment of time. The planet is in a place of extreme imbalance. The nature of energy is to seek balance, so it will explode energy pockets in it’s pathway to achieve this.

So Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn, the old wise person of the tribes, wasted no time in exploding the untruths. It was helped along here, by Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, entering Virgo in September 2007. This energy is precise, systems driven, looking for perfection and expects to find dotted ‘i’s and crossed ‘t’s. But it did not find any. Authority figures were made to look like fools and this erupts the ‘control’ mechanisms of Capricorn. So lets put it to good use.

We have until January 2024, before Pluto leaves Capricorn, so we have a long way to go. Much will happen with changes to the business and traditional environments. Accountability will be a focus point.

But what if we add two other major players to the mix, also changing sign. We have Neptune moving into it’s own sign of Pisces in April 2011. Thus this is a powerful alignment and raises issues of spirituality vs slavery. The gateway to Spirit is hugely accessible via this alignment. Through Spirit we find peace. Without Spirit we find only slavery. The repetitive nature of a physical existence and it’s ongoing need for food and shelter drives our daily activities. How we cope with this matter is fundamental to the quality of our existence. We have all seen stories of people who seemingly have little on the material plane, or a doing something quite unpleasant to earn their resources, and yet they are rich in Spirit and therefore very, very happy. And we have seen others who appear to have all their material needs met, with bags of excess, and yet they are not happy. They are poor in Spirit and thus they are enslaved in their materialism. Where is the door to Spirit? Do they even know there is a door? This will be one of the greatest challenges in this ‘New Age’ of all outer planets changing sign. How do we end the addiction to materialism. It is tied up in our sense of security and as a badge of success. How do we elevate the consciousness so that we may have the new planet so many speak of? Meditation and the use of fragrance are two pathways. Being brought to your knees by extreme distress and loss is certainly another.

Blazing it’s mark of expansion with Aries energy, is Jupiter, beginning a new 12 year cycle in January 2011. A major pressure point to be mindful of will be it’s opposition to stern Saturn in Libra come March 2011. There will be a big push pull in the desire to forge forward with warrior like intent vs the containment of ‘are we all ok?’. This energy is further bolstered by what is a magnanimous event…..

Also in March, Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, the humanitarian, also enter a new cycle. An 84 year cycle. So we can go back to the history books of April 1927 -Hmmmmm!!!! Wasn’t that the start of the Great Depression!!

For greater insight into this phenomenon please refer to the blog Secrets of the Wizard of Oz, where you will be directed to an outstanding You Tube documentary on who controls the availability of money.

Clearly we are on the cusp of another cycle of the same, and so the challenge/opportunity is to do something different so we do not have the same result.

What does it mean for Uranus to enter Aries? Aries is the warrior/hunter. Without this energy the tribe would become extinct because it would not have food, ie the hunter, and it would be constantly overthrown, ie the warrior protects. Already we see many uprisings occurring, always fueled by contraction of resources. The individual worker must join forces, ie humanity/Aquarius/Uranus, to go up against the Corporation and it’s numbers driven/humanitarianism-less decision making process.

We see in the new reality TV show, Undervcover Boss, the CEO always goes with the intent to unearth lost profitline through inefficiencies. Instead, he or she finds real people working above and beyond any call of duty to bring standards of excellence to the coal face of Corporation. Inevitably, their heart space is opened and deepened.

With the loss of so many perceptions of reality brought about by the GFC, large numbers of people, who were previously comfortable in their life and walking a steady path, are now very uncomfortable, angry and betrayed – betrayed by our business models/moguls, Pluto in Capricorn.

It is this situation that will fuel the anger and the fury of Aries, the warrior. Coupled with the collective energy that Uranus gives us, we may indeed mark this as the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the mass uprising of humanity to claim it’s birth right, ie to have access to resources to maintain a adequate standard of living, free from disease, hunger and deep distress brought about by the control of resources by the few. As Uranus rules technology, we can already see the power the internet provides with rapid, mass communication, and indeed, this will be one of the foundation tools in navigating a different outcome to Uranues’s last entry into Aries, back in 1927.