Astrology Signs


A mutable Water sign, is the shaman and mystic of the tribe. In communion with the Gods, this dreamy character is often spiritually motivated, super sensitive to the energies around it, highly intuitive and can fall folly to a lack of earthly boundaries including excessive emotions, work, drugs or alcohol.


A fixed Air sign, is the humanitarian of the tribe. Usually not one to draw attention to oneself, these folks are motivated to look after everyone. Often black sheep, pattern breakers and quirky dressers, these folks need to stay open to having their mind changed, if only occasionally.


A cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn is the old wise person of the tribe. It yearns for respect and authority and thus, must grow into this as it is often accompanied with at least a few wrinkles. Thus there can be a challenege for the younger Capricorn, who may set themselves up to try to over achieve, and thus feel burdened and like they can never please others. The quest is learning to satisfy yourself, not others.


A mutable Fire sign, is the information processor and expander. Thus, it is the wanderer, roaming the planet, experiencing life and philosophying about it to expand the consciousness of the tribe, thus preventing extinction due to lack of evolvement. Looked after by Jupiter, the storytelling Sag can always be assured of food and shelter to assist it on it’s mission. Sag needs to be mindful of over exaggerating, putting it’s foot in it’s mouth and moving at such an impetuous pace that it finds itself in compromising positions in life.


A fixed Water sign, is the keeper of intense and intangible subject matters such as death, sex, rebirth, taxes, the gene pool and other people’s resources. Often earning the caution of the ‘Scorpio Sting’, it’s job is indeed related to very serious matters and is thus often a very intense and obsessive energy.


A cardinal Air sign, is the people pleaser of the tribe. It’s role is to maintain harmony and ensure that communications continue to unfold. Sensitive to line, colour and harmony in all forms, it is often musical, but must be careful to ensure short term pain for long term gain. Sometimes a good argument brings good growth.


A mutable Earth sign, is the detail directed sign. Motivated towards systems and routines and highly sensitive to the bodily functions, Virgo is excellent in the areas of health and practical, methodical routines. Often referred to as meticulous, it can fall folly to hyper criticism.


A fixed Fire sign, is the Ambassador of the tribe. A highly focused and proud sign, Leo likes to present itself well and is often a great leader. Leo needs to adore and feel adored by those in it’s immediate circle. The Leo pride can be mistaken for snobbery.


A cardinal Water sign, is the nurturer of the tribe. Cancer people are emotional by nature and are motivated to love and care, and to ensure the procreative process continues. At times they can be too sensitive and emotional. A little more logic can be helpful here.


A mutable Air sign, is a the information disperser of the tribe. Gemini is like the bee spreading pollen (information) around the tribe. Big communicators, often witty and whimsical, these people love to talk, but may may prefer to avoid intense conversations.


A fixed Earth sign, is the crop keeper of the tribe. Taurus loves to own and manage the resources. They are practical and methodical, reliable and committed, and can find change very stressful.


A cardinal Fire sign, it is the hunter of the tribe. Aries people are assertive, driven, highly focused and can be guilty of not seeing other’s point of view.