Astrology and Incense

The use of aroma has long been recognised throughout the ages to gives us an altered state of awareness, to perhaps elevate our consciousness for meditation, to relax us, sexually arouse us, clear our mind for study, prepare us for a ritual. The list is long of the many uses and benefits of including fragrance as a daily practice in your life.

Like all the metaphysical disciplines, they are languages that speak to each other, correlate and can be used in harmony with each other. After all, this is the nature of the cosmos, that all things are connected. All things are a reflection of each other. Much the same as the iridologist can read the health of the body via the eyes, or the reflexologist via the feet, the chinese acupuncturist via the meridians, the kinesiologist via the muscle testing. The list goes on.

Thus, the following is a brief of what fragrances you might like to use if you were wanting to a particular outcome. This naturally relates to a planet in astrology and a chakra in the body. A chakra is an energy centre to feed aspects of our reality, ie survival mechanisms, reproductive, heart space, etc.

Energies / Grounding

Grounding in a particular type of energy such as Saturnian ie earthy energy would require the use of earthy / base note fragrances such as Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

Alernatively, more creative energy would require more cerebral based energy such as the use of frankincense, rosewood..