Chop Wood, Carry Water

Great Sage says… before enlightenment….. chop wood, carry water after enlightenment….. chop wood, carry water Indeed this is one of the greatest paradoxes of studying Spirit, but also one of the most liberating site here. For what must occur in the attainment of enlightenment if one is to feel that anything has changed at all […]

Astrological Update – A Quantum Shift

Not to be taken lightly in any way, all outer planet have recently, or are, changing sign. ‘Big deal, what does that mean!?’, you might say. We can say it is a profound time on the planet, a complete movement forward, so no harking and hoping to return to pre-GFC (global financial crisis) days. The […]

The Secrets of The Wizard of OZ

During these exceptionally challenging times on the planet when there is a gross imbalance in the distribution of resources, and the planet is heaving under the weight of 6 billion people, all trying to meet basic survival needs, we may look back through history and find many of the answers and much wisdom that could […]

Walking In Godliness

It was a real honour and pleasure to share a meal this evening with Rose team task management software. 16 months ago, Rose saw the end of her 34 year marriage when her husband passed away. She was commenting on the feelings of isolation, loneliness and aloneness as she now occupied a villa by her […]

Saturn Return

Of the many who come for an Astrology reading, by far, it is those near, in, or newly post their Saturn Return, Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and old ruler of Aquarius, is well known as the savage task master. But indeed, if it were not for Saturn, our business and marriages would fall apart and […]

Become a fan of Twelve Tribes

Hey there, I know some of you already are but if you become fan of Twelve Tribes on Facebook until the end of February you’ll receive a FREE GIFT with your first purchase of at least $20. Simply click on the facebook button on the right to get to our Twelve Tribes Fan Page on […]


Prayers of smoke

It is wise to acknowledge we are Spirit having a human experience, not a human having a spiritual experience. Thus when the body dies, the Spirit continues on. The journey of the Spirit once the body passes back into the earth is certainly one of the highest motivating factors of human behaviour, and is mapped […]

What is Twelve Tribes

Twelve Tribes is consciousness. It is a map within itself, commonly known to us via the language of astrology. But certainly it is a map within a map, ie the kabbalah, and this is not to draw reference to any religious alignment. This is about spirituality and the mechanics of that. The mechanics of getting […]

The Twelve Tribes map

All around us are hidden languages. You may get to meet one, or some, of them in your lifetime. By hidden languages we mean a holtropic world, ie the microcosm within the macrocosm this hyperlink. For example the life is written in the palm, the health is in the eyes, the scalp, the feet. Or […]


The use of fragrance has forever been used to elevate our consciousness. Throughout history, we can find the use of fragrance at ritual sites. So more pertinent to this site, is the discussion of consciousness. There are endless resources to explore the aromatherapy uses of a fragrance, indeed, this site provides a relatively small amount […]