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Astrological Update – A Quantum Shift

Not to be taken lightly in any way, all outer planet have recently, or are, changing sign. ‘Big deal, what does that mean!?’, you might say. We can say it is a profound time on the planet, a complete movement forward, so no harking and hoping to return to pre-GFC (global financial crisis) days. The […]

Saturn Return

Of the many who come for an Astrology reading, by far, it is those near, in, or newly post their Saturn Return, Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and old ruler of Aquarius, is well known as the savage task master. But indeed, if it were not for Saturn, our business and marriages would fall apart and […]

About Your Sun Sign

Our Sun Sign, also commonly known as our Star Sign, is one of the most public parts of our astrology chart. Thus, why we are interested to know and understand our own, and other peoples Sun Sign. Because Astrology is the oldest body of knowledge on the planet, even if you know nothing about it, […]