Chop Wood, Carry Water

Great Sage says…

before enlightenment…..

chop wood, carry water

after enlightenment…..

chop wood, carry water

Indeed this is one of the greatest paradoxes of studying Spirit, but also one of the most liberating site here.

For what must occur in the attainment of enlightenment if one is to feel that anything has changed at all and that life is somehow easier and more pleasant?

We may say it is a mastering of the mind, of the thoughts that can run rampant all day and all night. It is the acquisition of a fearlessness, a righteousness. It is an appreciation of simplicity, of living in harmony. It is a thankfulness for the ability and opportunity to merely chop wood, carry water. For those deprived of this, it is a life of starvation and unsafe living conditions. Food and safety, our two most primary needs.

The first two astrological glyphs represent this. Aries, the hunter fulfils our most primary need, for that of food. Without Aries, the tribes would go hungry. Using Cardinal Fire energy, this sign is a power pack of action and self focus. Working with the ‘I am’ energy, Aries can fail to even notice you. But Aries in isolation must be a nomad and follow the moving herds across the planes, thus itself becoming vulnerable as prey. And so, in the consciousness, was birthed Taurus.

Taurus, the Fixed Earth energy gives us our cave and the ability to grow a crop and have predictable food. ‘Stubborn’, you say of Taurus. Perhaps. More like cyclical, and steadfast to the proven strategies of survival; cave and food. Taurus works with the ‘I have’ energy and is very possessive over that which assures survival. We all have every sign in our chart. So your Taurus is someone. It’s about becoming familiar with where it is and how it is working in your chart.

When we become familiar with our charts, whole new worlds and levels of understanding are available to us. Who wouldn’t want access to that? For knowledge is indeed power.