Planetary Signs Change Times

For everyone on the planet these days, there are of course huge question marks. Many of them brought about by Global Financial Conditions which have resulted in a huge redistribution of wealth, namely a great loss to the masses and an inflow to the already rich. We have an abundance of natural disasters to challenge our sense of mortality and we have resource issues that keep the best brains working late into the night.

I often hear people pondering whether we will get back to stable conditions. If we were to consult astrology, we would find that that will not be happening. We are in a time of great change as all outer planets have changed, or are changing sign. These planets stay in a sign anywhere from 2 years to 30+ years, so for them all to be changing within a couple of years of each other, is really quite profound. This also correlates to the end of the Mayan cycle, so focus on 2012, as the end of this 5000+ year cycle bodes as much speculation as the ‘end of days’ mayhem of Y2K.

In January 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn after 13 years in Sagittarius – the sign of gambling, amongst other wonderful
traits. ; ) With this change of sign came the serious end of business, Capricorn doesn’t mess around when it comes to respect and authority, so the wine swilling, card playing, tall story days of Sagittarius came to an abrupt halt. Also came irreconcilable change that is the trademark of Pluto activity; death, drama, crisis, destroy it and rebuild it. So as agonising as the GFC has been, it has been a necessary evil so the empire that has been built, where the global population is slave to the banking arena and it’s creation of interest generating debt, may be abolished for something much more natural and harmonious. There is now much data available on the www of paradigms of existence after this world has imploded on itself. Atlantis, blew itself up by the hoarding of resources, and this is the same. There are many souls from Atlantis on the planet at this time, helping to move the consciousness through the shift into higher realities.

So what does it mean now that Saturn is in Libra? Stay tuned. It was ruthless when in Virgo during the main phase of the GFC revelations. It went looking for dotted ‘i’s and crossed ‘t’s and found none. That just enranged the Capricorn Pluto. At just 4 degrees into it’s sojourn through Capricorn, Pluto has a lot of work to do yet, not entering Aquarius until January 2024.

So what does it mean when Uranus, the humanitarian and ruler of Aquarius, enters a new 84 year cycle in March of 2011. If anything were to hale the entry into the Age of Aquarius, it would be the ruler of Aquarius entering a new cycle. But first glyph is Aries – the warrior. Here it rests until March 2019. Watch the uprising of the masses as we scream for resources and accountability in the quest to rebuild a safer, more secure and more equitable future.

Neptune enters it’s own sign of Pisces come February 2012. Will we be slaves to these institutions, or will we be see the guiding white light and find our way to wholeness? Stay tuned.