Prayers of smoke

It is wise to acknowledge we are Spirit having a human experience, not a human having a spiritual experience. Thus when the body dies, the Spirit continues on. The journey of the Spirit once the body passes back into the earth is certainly one of the highest motivating factors of human behaviour, and is mapped in ancient scripts throughout history.

To have an active relationship with the subtlties of the Spirit, is to recognise there are realms of existence and creation far beyond that of the third dimensional reality, ie the world of matter, as perceived by our 5 major senses.

But how does one access these realms? Meditation is the road to travel. A relatively simple ritual that is deeply enriching to one’s state of awareness and to the quality of our daily peace. Meditation is elevating the mind into other frequencies of existence. Tools to assist this ritual are of course incense. Not only does fragrance have the capacity to free the mind from the mundaneness of everyday living, it is said that one’s prayers are carried to the Gods on the smoke of incense, as it rises towards the heavens.

This is not to suggest we are praying to an external entity, but indeed we are communing with that of which we are a part. And in the stillness, and in our prayers, we may activate the energetic patterning that then begins to manifest as our exterior world.

And thus it is said, ‘we create our own reality’.

Indeed the art of meditation is to observe one’s thoughts and with practice free oneself from thoughts that are limiting and self defeating. As naturally, these are manifesting in one’s reality if they continue to be activated by the thinker.

Think positive and observe the energetic frequency around you. It is easily notable if one cares to observe.