Reasons to Burn Incense

1) The burning of incense is an ancient ritual dating back to the beginning of time. It is designed to elevate the consciousness out of the mundane reality. Mundane reality being a third dimensional reality. ie, the place where the body lives, the lowest, densest form of manifestation. The body needs food and shelter, thus a type of slavery co-exists with the Spirit being in a body. This slavery is achieved via the ‘chop wood, carry water’ philosophy. This slavery exists before enlightenment and it exists after enlightenment. The body is never free of fulfilling it’s mundane needs. But it can be fulfilled with a greater sense of peace if spiritual practice is observed.

2) It is possible to achieve a naturally altered state of awareness via the use of fragrance. When in this state, automatic enlightenment can easily occur. That is, you may suddenly understand a new perception of reality, and thus recognise the great illusion as exactly that, an illusion. Thus your values will change and deepen and you strenghten your ability to be able to seperate from the pack tribal pyschology of peer group pressure and the destructive attraction to pointless materialism that simply enslaves the Being, via expensive debt, where essentially the bank owns your life. A very common situation of our modern day click here for more.

3) Classically typecast as something that hippies do, the burning of incense, is a liberating experience freeing the mind from the ball and chain clutches of society. Particularly the modern day mess we have been given to deal with by our so called fiscal and political managers.

4) The use of natural and holistic tools, such as fragrance and herbs, has long been outlawed and defamed due to it’s threat of empowering people with a sense of individuality and spirituality. Heaven forbid should ‘the powers that be’ lose control over the masses. And thus disempowerment, confusion and ensuring everyone is enslaved with a busy, busy day, means we won’t notice as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

5) Using incense and other meditiative tools ensure you do not become a robot. It is a very simple practice. Rather than being labelled a hippie, those who understand the use of such tools, retain a quality of peace and and space amid growing chaos.

6) Traditionally we have sent our prayers to the Gods on the smoke of the incense.

7) The ritual if burning incense, suggests you are in tune with the understanding that we are all connected and indeed, the ‘butterfly effect’ is a powerful concept.

8) There are countless aromatherapy uses for good quality incense.

9) The use of fragrance is an innate need, not simply a choice. Smell lives in the oldest part of out brain, suggesting it is our most primary sense.

10) Try it and change your life.