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Twelve Tribes retailers love our products because our consumers love our products.

We have been in the marketplace since 1994 and enjoy a loyal following and great reputation for the subtle quality of our aromas, the extensive choice of fragrance and inclusive holistic information. We use essential oils in our blends and some fragrant oils.

We are just introducing White Sage and Palo Santo.

Twelve Tribes Product Displays

Twelve Tribes Incense Aroma Bar

Aroma Bar

$447.00 plus flat rate P&H $20.

Your customers can choose from 24 fragrances, selecting either our Big Stix ($2.50 RRP) or Regular Stix ($5.00 RRP pack of 12 assorted fragrances).

The Aroma Bar is great for high traffic retail environment such as markets, health food stores, crystal shops, just to name a few. Customers enjoy browsing the available fragrances and making use of the holistic content for their lifestyle needs, such as, house cleansing, meditation, issues of the heart and many others.

We recommend our top 24 popular fragrances for you, or you can personally choose from our full range of 40 fragrances.

Your Aroma Bar is a three piece display that carries 60 Regular Stix and 5 Big Stix stix for each frangrance.

The unit includes a rack of woods, a rack of florals and a rack of sweets/cleansers.

There is also an element of colour healing in our product range. Woods are painted ingrounding colours, the florals are soft, soothing colours and the sweets/cleansers are uplifting colours. Thus, customers are intuitively drawn to select the fragrances they need.

Each of the 3 pieces making up the Aroma Bar is 40cm wide, 50cm high and 10cm deep.

Customers fill their own bag with 12 stix of their choice. Colour coding on the end of the stix relates to the menu on the front of the bag, thus they can determine what they are burning. Bags with fragrance menu, power sheets and burning stock are supplied free of charge.

You can reorder online or offline in bundles of 48 Regular Stix, or individual Big Stix.

The Aroma Bar display unit is supplied free of charge with your first stock order at wholesale prices.

We ask that if you discontinue stocking Twelve Tribes, that you recycle the Aroma Bar back to us. This keeps our costs down and makes use of materials already in production.

Twelve Tribes Incense Mini Stix Display

Mini Stix

Your Mini Stix display gives your customers a choice of 24 of our 40 fragrances. These are easily interchangable upon re-order.

With a $3.95 RRP for a pack of 12 Mini Stix, these are a great, easily affordable gift option that is both groovy and cute.

Your Mini Stix display unit holds 4 packs x 24 fragrances.

The 4 tier display is 28cm wide x 41cm high x 18cm deep.

Twelve Tribes Incense Cone Display


Cone display features Mini and Jumbo cones.

Available in our top 12 fragrances your display holds 36 assorted units in total,
2 packs of Mini Cones per fragrance and 1 pack of Jumbo Cones per fragrance.
[RRP $4.95]

Twelve Tribes Incense Tub O’ Stix Display

Tub o’ Stix

Great counter display for impulse purchases. This display is designed for fast moving retail outlets with space constraints. Many IGA supermarkets feature this impulse display on their checkout and generate consistent turnover. This display is often an introductory line for retailers wishing to familiarise their customer base with Twelve Tribes before spending funds on an aroma bar.
40 assorted colourful packets of stix.
Useful aromatherapy info on every pack.
Display 17cm wide, 27cm high.
[RRP $4.95]

All recommended retail prices (RRP) are quoted in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST.

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