The Twelve Tribes map

All around us are hidden languages. You may get to meet one, or some, of them in your lifetime. By hidden languages we mean a holtropic world, ie the microcosm within the macrocosm this hyperlink. For example the life is written in the palm, the health is in the eyes, the scalp, the feet. Or perhaps the answers to life are on a nature trail or written by a forefather hundreds or thousands of year ago. Perhaps they are repeated over and over again in history, but we just don’t see them, because we are consumed with right now.

We live in a mathematical universe. The language of numbers is a fascinating and powerful world of cycles within cycles within cycles and representing vibrational frequencies of potential, harvest and death. The study of the science of Astrology is one field that capitalises on the use of numbers and fractional moves of planets to make sense of life, both on a micro level, ie for the individual and on a macro level, ie for generations of people.

Within the map of the Kabbalah, two thirds of the way down we see the “God” energy has split many times now into various frequencies and it’s filter for processing consciousness in 3rd dimensional reality, ie Earth, is via the Twelve Tribes matrix. Most commonly recognised as the 12 signs of the zodiac, it for more enriching to view it as 6 axis, not just 12 signs. To really understand the essence of these axis is indeed, life work, for each of us, depending on where each axis falls on the chart and which planets are interacting with each sign.