Wholesale Orders

Registered Twelve Tribes retail outlets may purchase merchandising display units and refill products (minimum order $100) at our wholesale prices.

New Registration Applications: Apply.

  • Our incense is rolled, fresh to demand, in a fortnightly cycle. Please feel free to order at any time, we will dispatch your goods as soon as prepared which, depending on where you fall in the cycle, may be immediately or up to 10 days.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with your goods, we will happily exchange them for you with another choice from our range, at no additional cost.
  • Where a Display Unit has space for 24 fragrances, we will select 24 popular fragrances for you. If you want some specific fragrances (or want to specify all 24), just include the details in the Special Comments section of your order.

Wholesale Orders

Please add your order items to the cart and complete the checkout. Note wholesale pricing is only available to registered wholesalers, if you are not registered please apply.

Minimum Order Value: $100

  • Sticks $9.00

    Incense Regular Stix Bundles (Wholesale)

  • IMG_1444 $147.50

    TUB o’ Stix (wholesale)

  • incense-sticks-category $2.95

    Incense Regular Stix Prepax (Wholesale)

  • IMG_2223 $1.80

    Incense Mini Stix (Wholesale)

  • Incense Resin $5.50

    Resins (Wholesale)

  • Twelve Tribes Incense Aroma Bar 180 $444.84

    Aroma Bar (Wholesale)

  • IMG_1439 $105.60

    Mini Stix Display (Wholesale)

  • IMG_2215 $1.25

    Twelve Tribes Big Stix Wholesale

  • IMG_2139 $3.50

    Mini Cones (Wholesale)

  • JUmbo and Mini Cones $3.25

    Jumbo Cones (Wholesale)


    Tree Resin

  • Essential Oil Rosemary $5.00$25.00

    Essential Oils (Wholesale)


Ordering Conditions

  • Goods will be dispatched within 10 days of receipt of payment.
  • We reserve the right to delay dispatch if production components are unavailable (this is highly unusual).
  • We will replace goods you are not satisfied with, however we do not give cash refunds.

Offline Wholesale Orders

  • Download and complete our Offline Order Form. Note minimum order levels apply, and a different shipping and handling fee.
  • Order Form Link: Twelve Tribes Wholesale Order Form
  • All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Special Instructions

Do you have any comments or special requirements? Use the form below to send an email and we’ll follow up on any special instructions for you.

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