Be a Twelve Tribes Agent

A Twelve Tribes agent is an independent contractor with a nominated territory. You may submit the boundaries of your proposed territory. As you generate income from this territory, you are free to onsell this income stream at a future date, as this is your business entity. (Further details of the agency contract are available upon request.)

You are self employed and move in your own time and space with a view to growing a consistent income by effectively placing the product in appropriate locations.

Many of our retailers are outstanding performers, producing consistent trade over many, many years. This is due to the nature of human/consumer behaviour with regard to fragrance and ritual. The use of fragrance is innate, meaning we don’t simply want it, we need it. It’s use dates back to our oldest ancestors with fragrance remnants found at most acheological sites throughout the ages. Thus, there is always a consistent turnover of the Twelve Tribes products in retail environments.

As one of our agents, you generate your income by:

  • introducing the product to appropriate new retailers in your territory
  • retaining healthy and ongoing relationships with owners/managers of these stores
  • restock existing retailers in your territory to Twelve Tribes standards

Payment is a commission, based on sales of Twelve Tribes products in your agreed territory.

There are no start up costs for becoming an agent. You will be supplied with samples and effective sales techniques.

What skill set do you need to be successful as an agent? :
Sales experience is a definate advantage, but product specific training will be provided.
Understanding the retail environment.
An ability to recognise the best retail environments for the product in a given area.
Self management of time and logistics to optimise efficiency.
Organisational abilities.
Attention to detail.
Understanding the needs of the retailer.
Great people skills to retain good retailer relations.

The next step is to send an email using the form below.
In brief, please provide:
some background indicating why you are interested,
the territory you would like to cover,
why you believe you are an effective sales person
your attraction to a fragrant product range

We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you as soon as possible.