The Secrets of The Wizard of OZ

During these exceptionally challenging times on the planet when there is a gross imbalance in the distribution of resources, and the planet is heaving under the weight of 6 billion people, all trying to meet basic survival needs, we may look back through history and find many of the answers and much wisdom that could have avoided us ending up where we now find ourselves software task management.

Not least is to take a fresh look at Baum’s the Wizard of Oz. Far from being the first children’s fable to encrypt wisdom and warnings into the story line, this You Tube, 2 hour doco is an amazing insight into the history of money on our planet, who has control of it, who regulates it availability, and therefore who has control over our abilities to do successful commerce and thus feed our families.

Well worth a look and hats off to this amazing team, who like so many now, are seeking answers for why this giant organism, called planet Earth, is unable to sustain it’s eco system, of which we are apart. The answers are all here.

This is a riveting documentary, so sit back and put your ears on. It is impossible to not be moved, alarmed, and called to action.