Walking In Godliness

It was a real honour and pleasure to share a meal this evening with Rose team task management software. 16 months ago, Rose saw the end of her 34 year marriage when her husband passed away. She was commenting on the feelings of isolation, loneliness and aloneness as she now occupied a villa by her self. Her first real experience of being alone. Her sense of purpose, of confidence, where confused, or more accurately, not recognisable to her. As we chatted about ‘purpose’, I suggested she embrace the alone time, as this always passes, and to use it as an opportunity to commune with Godliness and to embrace and walk the path of Godliness. For we are each God, we are all connected, and to embrace the journey this way, is to surrender to a greater knowing, that all is well and your path will unfold as it should do.

Her consciousness shifted immediately, from a perspective of begging for mercy from a power outside of herself and from a place of unworthiness, to a place of connectedness and wholeness.

It was a magical moment. Peace.